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Best of wishes for 2007 Best of wishes for 2007

We'd like to wish everyone the best of wishes for 2007 and we are looking forward to another highly productive Game Maker year. Even though we are less then a year online lets look back and see how far we have become already.

We've had 19788 hits on our website where our Dutch edition is by far the most popular. This might very well be because we haven't yet announced our site to any other forum except the Dutch GMC, our top referer. In our top 5 of referers we also see Google, 64digits, German GMC and Simon

Most visitors clicked through to read Game Maker news with GMG recent reviews and 64 digits new games on place 2 and 3 respectively.
The most popular newsitem was Image contest winner very closely followed by GM7 update and a shared 3th place between Retro Adventure Contest Winners and Progress on GMS7.

The most popular non news link was The English Game Maker manual, closely followed by The Game Maker website and The Game Maker's Apprentice.
Our most popular tool was the Drag and drop icons closely followed by the GML parser and this blog.

For those following the browser war, IE is still in the lead with 51,94% with Firefox very close by on 45,51% and Opera still way below with 1,73%.

We are looking forward to yet another highly productive year, both in GM and with this website so do keep coming back for more. We have some new features in beta testing which will hopefully make this site even better. We are ofcourse always interested in partnering with other websites as well as translators to make this site even more useful. Do continue to send us your feedback in 2007 and lets make this year even better then before.
Geschrieben von Simon Donkers @ 1 Januar 2007

Über Simon Donkers Über Simon Donkers

Simon Donkers ist ein 21 Jahre alter Student der Technischen Physik mit einem umfangreichen Angebot an Spielen und GameMaker Ressourcen. Er ist Mitglied bei Eo GDC und ein Admin von NGMC.
Schaue dir mein Portfolio für weitere Informationen an.

Über Johannes Stoop Über Johannes Stoop

Johannes Stoop ist der Gründer von NGMC. In seiner Freizeit kreirt er gerne Webseiten über viele verschiedene Themen.