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About About


GameMaker.info is a service run by Johannes Stoop and Simon Donkers. This service aims to provide information to GameMaker users and save them the time to find all this information manually. The current form of this website is just the beginning. Gamemaker.info has plans to grow far bigger.

If you want to suggest an RSS feed or want to help localise this page to your language then please send a message to us at Please send your email to contact and then an AT followed by our domain name without the www. . We'd also love to hear all your feedback about this service.

Johannes Stoop & Simon Donkers
www.Game-Maker.nl & www.SimonDonkers.Com
Johannes Stoop & Simon Donkers

Special thanks to

Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol), Benoit Quimper, David Millar (DreamIsle), Windapple, Theo Keeler (Flashback), Rithiur, Pythonpoole, GM-D, NGMC, Piet Geelen & Philippe Ragni.