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Designing Games with GameMaker
Designing Games with GameMaker

Device specific commands

GameMaker also has the possibility to start external programs. There are two functions available for this: execute_program and execute_ shell. The function execute_program starts a program, possibly with some arguments. It can wait for the program to finish (pausing the game) or continue the game. The function execute_shell opens a file. This can be any file for which some association is defined, e.g. an html-file, a word file, etc. Or it can be a program. It cannot wait for completion so the game will continue.

os_type   This variable holds the platform the game is running on. It can be one of the following:-
  • os_win32 Windows 32bit executable.
  • os_win64 Windows 64bit executable.
  • os_macosx Mac OSX.
  • os_psp Playstation portable.
  • os_ios Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc.)
  • os_android Android device (phone of tablet)

os_device   This variable helps to further classify the device your running on. It can be one of the following-
  • device_ios_iphone iPhone non-retina.
  • device_ios_iphone_retina An iPhone with a retina display.
  • device_ios_ipad iPad device.

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