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Some news updates Some news updates

Over the last month we received a lot of messages from people who appreciate our work and people who asked if we could put their website on GameMaker.info as well.

First, I want to say that we really appreciate your messages. We try to answer them as soon as possible. Also we will take a look at your website if you suggest one and mostly we will add them to the site, but we can't promise anything.

Still we are working hard to bring up some new features, but this takes a lot of time, so be patient. In the main time take a look at some features we already offer.
  • Customize: customize the site the way you like it, choose your own layout and news feeds;
  • Game Maker manual: if you have a problem with Game Maker, search in the online manual;
  • Game Maker search: searching for GM games or websites, try our custom Google search field;

Posted by Johannes Stoop @ 24 October 2007

About Simon Donkers About Simon Donkers

Simon Donkers is a 21 year old student Technical Physics with an extensive portfolio of Games and GameMaker resources. He is a member of Eo GDC and an admin on the NGMC.
See my portfolio for more info.

About Johannes Stoop About Johannes Stoop

Johannes Stoop is the founder of the NGMC. In his spare time he likes to design websites, about many different subjects.