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Designing Games with GameMaker
Designing Games with GameMaker

Highscore list

One special pop-up is the highscore list that is maintained for each game. The following functions exist:

highscore_show(numb) Shows the highscore table. numb is the new score. If this score is good enough to be added to the list, the player can input a name. Use -1 to simple display the current list.
highscore_set_background(back) Sets the background image to use. back must be the index of one of the background resources.
highscore_set_border(show) Sets whether the highscore form must have a border or not.
highscore_set_font(name,size,style) Sets the font used for the text in the table. (This is a normal Windows font, not one of the font resources.) You specify the name, size and style (0=normal, 1= bold, 2=italic, 3=bold-italic).
highscore_set_colors(back,new,other) Sets the colors used for the background, the new entry in the table, and the other entries.
highscore_set_strings(caption,nobody,escape) Changes the different default strings used when showing the highscore table. caption is the caption of the form. nobody is the string used when there is nobody at the particular rank. escape is the string at the bottom indicating to press the escape key. You can in particular use this when your game should use a different language.
highscore_show_ext(numb,back,border,col1,col2,name,size) Shows the highscore table with a number of options (can also be achieved by using a number of the previous functions). numb is the new score. If this score is good enough to be added to the list, the player can input a name. Use -1 to simple display the current list. back is the background image to use, border indicates whether or not to show the border. col1 is the color for the new entry, col2 the color for the other entries. name is the name of the font to use, and size is the font size.
highscore_clear() Clears the highscore list.
highscore_add(str,numb) Adds a player with name str and score numb to the list.
highscore_add_current() Adds the current score to the highscore list. The player is asked to provide a name.
highscore_value(place) Returns the score of the person on the given place (1-10). This can be used to draw your own highscore list.
highscore_name(place) Returns the name of the person on the given place (1-10).
draw_highscore(x1,y1,x2,y2) Draws the highscore table in the room in the indicated box, using the current font.

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