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Blog and new themes Blog and new themes

This blog has just gone public. Here we'll announce our new features and keep you posted on what's going on behind the scenes of Game Maker.info. Do sign up for our RSS feed RSS feed to keep up to date with the latest news.
An other update is that we've just launched two new themes. Our black theme for the dark in mind and in the style of the Dutch GMC we've also released a special blue theme. Enjoy and do tell us (Please send your email to contact and then an AT followed by our domain name without the www.) what you think off all this.
Posted by Simon Donkers @ 8 October 2006

About Simon Donkers About Simon Donkers

Simon Donkers is a 21 year old student Technical Physics with an extensive portfolio of Games and GameMaker resources. He is a member of Eo GDC and an admin on the NGMC.
See my portfolio for more info.

About Johannes Stoop About Johannes Stoop

Johannes Stoop is the founder of the NGMC. In his spare time he likes to design websites, about many different subjects.