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Designing Games with GameMaker
Designing Games with GameMaker

Error options

Here you can set a number of options that relate to the way errors are reported.

Display error messages
When checked, error messages are shown to the player. In the final version of the game you might want to uncheck this option.

Write error messages to file game_errors.log
When checked all error messages are written to a file called game_errors.log in the game folder.

Abort on all error messages
Normally, certain errors are fatal while others can be ignored. When checking this option all errors are considered fatal and lead to aborting the game. In the final version of the game you distribute you might want to check this option.

Treat uninitialized variables as 0
One common error is to use a variable before a value is assigned to it. Sometimes this is difficult to avoid. When checking this option such uninitialized variables no longer report an error but are treated as value 0. Be careful though. It might mean that you don't spot typing mistakes anymore.

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