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Designing Games with GameMaker
Designing Games with GameMaker

Loading options

Here you can indicate what should happen when loading a game. First of all you can specify your own loading image. Secondly, you can indicate whether to display a loading progress bar at the bottom of the image. You have three options here. Either no loading bar is displayed, or the default bar is displayed or you can specify two images: the background of the loading bar and the foreground. You can indicate whether the front loading bar must be scaled (default) or clipped while it becomes longer. In the second case, make sure enough the image is large enough to fill the bar. (Note that both images must be specified in this case, not just one.)

It is possible to indicate that the loading image must be transparent. In this case the left bottom pixel of the background image is used as transparent color. (Note that transparency from e.g. png or gif files is not taken into account here!) Also the alpha translucency can be indicated. A value of 0 means fully translucent. A value of 255 means fully opaque. (Both only work under Windows 2000, XP, or later.)

Secondly, you can indicate here the icon that should be used for stand-alone games. Your icons must contain at least a 32x32 icon, but they can also contain larger ones. If you try to select another type of icon you will get a warning.

Finally you can change the unique game id. This id is used for storing the highscore list and save game files. If you release a new version of your game and don't want to take over the old highscore list, you should change this number.

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