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Designing Games with GameMaker
Designing Games with GameMaker

Global Game Settings

There are a number of settings you can change for your game. These change the shape of the main window, set some graphics options, deal with interaction settings, to loading image, constants and information about the creator of the game. Also you can indicate here which files should be included in stand-alone games and how errors should be handled.

The settings can be changed by double clicking on Global Game Settings in the resource tree at the left of the screen. They are subdivided in a number of tabbed pages. (Some options are only available in advanced mode.)

Information about the different settings can be found in the following pages:

Graphics and Window Options
The Screen Resolution
Various Other Options
Loading Options
Error Options
Information about the Game

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Alternative versions Alternative versions

You can also read this manual on one single long page (± 1.5 mb)

Also available in: Dutch French German

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