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Dit blog is helaas alleen beschikbaar in het Engels. Onze excuses voor het ongemak.


Blog and new themes Blog and new themes

This blog has just gone public. Here we'll announce our new features and keep you posted on what's going on behind the scenes of Game Maker.info. Do sign up for our RSS feed RSS feed to keep up to date with the latest news.
An other update is that we've just launched two new themes. Our black theme for the dark in mind and in the style of the Dutch GMC we've also released a special blue theme. Enjoy and do tell us (Please send your email to contact and then an AT followed by our domain name without the www.) what you think off all this.
Geplaatst door Simon Donkers op 8 oktober 2006

New sites added + GML parser New sites added + GML parser

Unfortunately GM Showcase has been closed for the moment due to copyright problems with there site. The GMS staff is working hard on rebuilding the site to it's former glory but this does unfortunately take them some time to do.

To make sure you still get news on the latest and greatest games we worked together with our friends at 64 digits to include the latest submitted games and the member rating off those games on the site.

An other service we've launched today is a GML parser. This parser allows you to paste GML code in it and it will color code this allowing you to use this in for instance your site or your forum posts. Our thanks go out to Rithiur who allows us to use his color code parser.

I hope you enjoy these new services and do let us know what you think about them.
Geplaatst door Simon Donkers op 27 september 2006

Launch D&D icons Launch D&D icons

Are you trying to tell somebody how to solve a problem in Game Maker? Do you need to explain what you are doing when something goes wrong?
Today a new service is launched from us. We now offer a set of hotlinkable drag and drop icons for people to use to explain there code. Simply click an image and copy the HTML or BB code to your message.
Enjoy and do let us know what you think about this service.

GM icon http://gamemaker.info/icons
Geplaatst door Simon Donkers op 22 september 2006

Website launch Website launch

Game Maker.info officially launches today. The site is still very empty but we are working overtime to get more features included.

This site, which is being created by me and Johannes Stoop hopes to become a source of information to all Game Maker users. It hopes to save Game Maker users the time to look around on the web and make then spend there time making and playing some amazing games.

Enjoy the site and please contact us if you have any suggestions or want to report a problem.
Geplaatst door Simon Donkers op 17 september 2006
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Over Simon Donkers Over Simon Donkers

Simon Donkers is een 21 jaar oude student Technische Natuurkunde met een uitgebreid portfolio van Games en GameMaker resources. Hij is lid van Eo GDC en is beheerder van de NGMC.
Bekijk mijn portfolio voor meer informatie.

Over Johannes Stoop Over Johannes Stoop

Johannes Stoop is de oprichter van de NGMC. In zijn vrije tijd ontwerpt hij graag websites, over uiteenlopende onderwerpen.