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Designing Games with GameMaker
Designing Games with GameMaker


Other important aspects of many games are the score, the health, and the number of lives. GameMaker keeps track of the score in a global variable score and the number of lives in a global variable lives. You can change the score by simply changing the value of this variable. The same applies to health and lives. If lives is larger than 0 and becomes smaller than or equal to 0 the no-more-lives event is performed for all instances. If you don't want to show the score and lives in the caption, set the variable show_score, etc., to false. Also you can change the caption. For more complicated games best display the score yourself.

score The current score.
lives Number of lives.
health The current health (0-100).
show_score Whether to show the score in the window caption.
show_lives Whether to show the number of lives in the window caption.
show_health Whether to show the health in the window caption.
caption_score The caption used for the score.
caption_lives The caption used for the number of lives.
caption_health The caption used for the health.

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