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Designing Games with GameMaker
Designing Games with GameMaker


Scripts cannot be changed during the execution of the game. The scripts are part of the game logic. Changing scripts would lead to self-rewriting code which very easily leads to errors. Also there are other ways to achieve this. If you really need to execute a piece of code that is not known at design time (e.g. from a file) you can use the following functions:
execute_string(str,arg0,arg1,...) Execute the piece of code in the string str with the indicated arguments.
execute_file(fname,arg0,arg1,...) Execute the piece of code in the file with the indicated arguments.

Sometimes you want to store a script index in a variable and execute it. For this you can use the following function

script_execute(scr,arg0,arg1,...) Execute the script with index scr with the given arguments.

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