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Game renewed Game renewed

Game has undergone a complete metamorphose. While the site still offers all the features that you're used too, it now offers a whole lot more. The new feature list is far to long to mention here in detail so I recommend you all to just give the site a try and find out for yourself.

While you are doing that, do let us know if you find any issues with the site or we're missing your favorite website.

Posted by Simon Donkers @ 25 août 2007

About Simon Donkers About Simon Donkers

Simon Donkers is a 21 year old student Technical Physics with an extensive portfolio of Games and GameMaker resources. He is a member of Eo GDC and an admin on the NGMC.
See my portfolio for more info.

About Johannes Stoop About Johannes Stoop

Johannes Stoop is the founder of the NGMC. In his spare time he likes to design websites, about many different subjects.